About Me

I've been in love with photography ever since elementary school when I picked up my dad's Kodak Retina IIa camera. I find great joy in the process of creating and capturing memorable moments and drawing viewers into my photographs through storytelling. So, after a career in high tech sales and marketing, I decided to pursue my passion for photography, utilizing all that I’ve learned about working with people, establishing relationships and trust, and telling stories that leave an impression. I work with my clients to create great photographs that deliver the look and message they want to communicate.

First impressions are important. As the subject of a portrait, a person’s expression, body language, and “look” are all factors that affect how people react to the image. I work with each client to find authentic looks and gestures that will resonate with viewers and convey the appropriate message and emotion for that client’s intended use of the photo. For example, headshots for a client whose company has a social or environmental focus will look very different from those for a client whose company sells military gear, and both will likely be driven by a different overall aesthetic than headshots for an aspiring artist.

The Process

Most people dread being photographed – they approach the process with pre-conceived ideas about what they should do in front of the camera and how they look (mostly all wrong). This causes them to become stiff, uncomfortable, and pose in ways that are unflattering in front of the camera. As is the case with many things, we’re often too hard on ourselves. My methodology, utilizing the approaches of some of the world’s leading photographers coupled with my insight and experience working with people and companies to create clear messages, will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable, resulting in images that capture the best representation of you.

I’ll start by getting to know you – how you intend to use the images and what you want to convey (aka, your "brand"). We’ll then discuss clothing, hair, makeup, and options for creating the “look” you prefer. During the session, I will guide you through a variety of poses and lighting options, providing you with over 50 images to choose from for your final images. You will be able to see each shot and together we will review and adjust them as needed. Once you have selected your final images, I will perform minor edits to remove blemishes and enhance the look of the photographs. My goal is to make sure you love your photos – and have fun while taking them!

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