Tethered Shooting for Headshot Photography

For many people who are not used to being in front of a camera or performing, having a headshot taken can be uncomfortable. Part of the reason for this is that people often feel they either don’t look good in front of a camera, or can’t tell how they look. And while the photographer can provide direction, the subject is still left with doubt and cannot see the results.

Fortunately there is a solution – tethered shooting. Photographers shooting tethered can show you each shot immediately after it’s taken, giving both you and the photographer the opportunity to review the shot and make adjustments in everything from pose, expression, lighting, etc.. The camera is connected to a computer, which can then be connected to a monitor. After each shot, the resulting file is downloaded to the computer and available for display.

Some things to look for when you’re in a session shooting tethered:

Which side of your face looks best in the photo? Most people’s faces are asymmetrical – and one side can photograph better than another. You and the photographer can shoot both sides to determine which side is more appealing.

How should your face be lit? Making small adjustments in lighting ratios, positioning/angle can significantly impact the mood and overall look of the photograph. Having instant feedback allows you to optimize the lighting to look your best.

What expression looks best? Broad smile vs. a more serious look? Smiling with teeth showing vs. not? Smiling with your eyes vs. not?

What angle of your face and body with respect to the camera looks best?

How does your hair, clothing, jewelry, etc. look?

Shooting tethered gives you a greater percentage of great photos, and being able to view the images on a large screen will often show details that may not be immediately obvious by looking at the LCD in the back of the camera.

A tethered shooting session is definitely the way to go!