Consistency in Headshots of your Leadership Team

Visitors to your business website are generally visiting for a reason – doing research on your company, it’s products/services, and often the leadership team. The bios and images of your leadership team provide insight into your brand - who you are, what your values are, how mature/stable a company you are, the culture, and so on. Yet for many companies, the images of their leadership are not optimal – often, their inconsistent, taken at different times in different venues/backgrounds, with different lighting, and so on.

Consistency is key to sending the message that you are one company – that the leadership team is together, aligned, and “on the same page”. It also says that you care about your overall corporate image/brand, and are willing to invest the time and expense to make it optimal.

Below are examples of leadership images from two Boston area company websites (different companies and industries). Think about your first impressions of each group of images – the first one could raise a number of questions – do they work together, are these images current, when were these images taken – which could lead the viewer to wonder if the rest of the website is current, etc.. There is also no consistency or integration of these images with the overall look and feel of the rest of the website, which in and of itself is not optimal.


The second group of images feels like this is a team – the images are current, and the overall look and feel is not only consistent with each other, but consistent with the balance of the website. The impression is positive, current, and together.


You’ve likely invested a fair amount of time and effort into developing your messaging and your website, and continue to do so – be sure that your leadership team images support your overall branding and messaging, and be consistent with the impression you want to create.