Headshots and Corporate Branding

People are the greatest asset for a business - highlighting your staff on your website, your business profile on LinkedIn, or on their respective LinkedIn Profiles with consistent, professionally done headshots conveys a powerful message to customers, partners, and potential new hires. Here’s a collage from a recent corporate headshot session for a rapidly growing software company, Profitero. Positive energy, confidence with approachability, and professionalism - you feel good about working with these people!

Why do these images convey a great message?

*Expression - their expressions look genuine, friendly, professional. Their personalities are showing, yet they are all different

*Lighting - consistent, evenly lit, flattering lighting - fresh, vibrant

*Background - consistent, complementary to their energy, and directs the viewer to their expressions

Expert expression coaching, combined with an approach that helps people understand how to look their best during the session and lighting designed to help people look their best.

Barry Braunstein