Your Facebook image and LinkedIn Profile image are NOT compatible!

Facebook and LinkedIn are very different - different audiences, different content, and most importantly people utilize them for different purposes. Yet all too often, the same personal profile image people use on Facebook are used for their LinkedIn profile picture. Facebook is a social community - you’re mostly sharing personal life/family events, pictures, videos, etc. with friends and family.

On the other hand, LinkedIn is about your business/professional life - your profile is your resume on steroids, but the focus is your business/professional life. You wouldn’t post a selfie of you at a Red Sox game there, so why would you use that image of you taken in the backyard, or at an social event with your LinkedIn profile?

And as you advance in your career, it’s even more important – not only showing confidence with approachability, but with a clean background and professional overall look.

Emily is a manager at a software company – before and after – the image on the right says it all!

emily comparison.JPG