Your LinkedIn Summary Profile and Profile Picture Should Match

ilya comparison.JPG

Confident, approachable, professional – and more appropriate for LinkedIn

Ilya’s career is advancing as a scientist with a biotech company here in Boston. He’s presenting papers at conferences, and becoming more visible in the biotech field. It was time to update his LinkedIn profile headshot to show him in a more professional light, yet showing his personality.

We shot different looks, expressions (smiling with/without teeth, more serious looks, different angles, etc., clothing options, and eventually settled on this image. Professional yet approachable, shows his personality, and matches very well with his LinkedIn Profile Summary – which (among many things) talks about his “collaborative spirit” and “experience leading and managing interdisciplinary teams”. Looking at his image, reading his profile, you not only feel like you are starting to know him but feel like you want to meet him. No doubt his career will continue to advance significantly.