What does the quality of the headshots of your team say about your company?

The corporate brochure is now your website – it’s often the first place prospective clients, partners, investors, and job candidates go to learn about a company, it’s products/services, and very importantly, it’s people/leadership. The quality and look of those images speak volumes about the company’s persona, brand, who they are, what’s important to them – you want the viewer to feel the energy and get the right message.

Nancy is an executive at a startup – the look, expression and energy conveys professionalism, confidence with approachability, trustworthiness - someone you’d want to meet, get to know, work with. This didn’t happen by accident – great headshots are created by a combination of technical (lighting, camera) and people skills (expression coaching, getting the subject to relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera).

What do your headshots say about your business?

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