Headshots vs. "Mugshots" vs. Selfies - they're not interchangeable

It’s important that you have the right photography that conveys the right message/image (no pun intended) you want to convey to the viewer of whatever platform the photograph resides on. It’s also important to note that employers, educational institutions, potential clients, etc. not only all have access to these images and can easily find them, but that they typically do so as part of their vetting process. 

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Barry Braunstein
What makes a great headshot or portrait?

Great portraiture/headshots are not accidents - they happen primarily because of collaboration between the subject and the photographer - for a photo to look alive, convey a message or evoke a feeling, "it takes a village" - the photographer and subject need to be on the same page in terms of the "look". That "look" involves everything from expression and pose to lighting, camera angle, etc. The photographer is the director, cameraman, lighting specialist, and the subject is the actor. 

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