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It's that time of year - updating your resume/LinkedIn headshot

With the new year approaching many people are reconsidering their current job situation and beginning to explore new opportunities. This often involves updating their resume, LinkedIn profile, and beginning to explore the job market. In today’s increasingly visual world, it also makes sense to revisit your headshot or portrait on LinkedIn if it isn’t very recent.

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Overcoming fears around having your picture taken

In today’s media centric world, it may surprise you to learn that many people have some form of camera shyness. Whether it be full blown hiding themselves when a camera is present, to avoiding updating their profile photo on LinkedIn (which is many years old), the thought of having someone take a picture of them can create fear and anxiety, or at best simple avoidance (people often compare having their picture taken to having root canal surgery…).

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What makes a great headshot or portrait?

Great portraiture/headshots are not accidents - they happen primarily because of collaboration between the subject and the photographer - for a photo to look alive, convey a message or evoke a feeling, "it takes a village" - the photographer and subject need to be on the same page in terms of the "look". That "look" involves everything from expression and pose to lighting, camera angle, etc. The photographer is the director, cameraman, lighting specialist, and the subject is the actor. 

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