The Marketer’s Guide to High Quality Team Images


Key steps to creating great headshots that reflect your brand

As business owners and/or marketeers, branding and differentiation are key elements to promoting your company, regardless of size, industry, or product/services. Your website is your storefront, your corporate brochure, and it’s important that your branding be clear, consistent, and have a professional look. And an important element in successful branding is high quality headshots of your key employees, leadership team, or principals.

So why do some websites look better than others when it comes to headshots? And how can you insure your headshots convey the message you want to convey? It’s more than just having a photographer come in with an umbrella, a strobe, and a camera. I’ve created an ebook that can help guide you to having the best headshots for your brand. Key elements of great headshots discussed in the ebook include:

  • The right expression/look for your brand

  • Lighting that sets the right tone/mood and is complementary to all subjects

  • The best background for your messaging

  • Consistency across all your headshots

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